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Japanese Gods & Goddesses

Aizen Myoo = Japanese god of love. Was worshipped by prostitutes, singers, musicians, and landlords.

Ama-Terasu = "Great Shining Heaven". Japanese sun goddess, guardian of the Japanese people and ruler of all deities. One of her tasks was to weave sacred robes for the gods. When Amaterasu's troublesome brother Susanowo wreaked havoc on her land, she had to hide in a cave to escape the misery. He destroyed the forests, rice paddies, and his sister's weaving hall. He sealed the cave that Amaterasu was hiding in so that no sunlight could reach the earth. The gods worriedly met to plan a way to free her. After many failures to induce her to leave the cave, the lewd dancer Uzume stepped forth. She danced so that the gods all were delighted and laughed so much that the cave shook.

Amaterasu opened the door of the cave a bit to see what was going on, and asked why they would laugh in such a grim time. Uzume said that they were happy because a new, better, more beautiful sun goddess has come to replace her. Amaterasu immediately demanded to see this goddess, and was shown a mirror. She was startled and spellbound by her own reflection long enough for the gods to drag her from the cave, and so the world was light again and there was much rejoicing. Amaterasu symbolizes warmth, harvest, love, fertility, goodness, wisdom, peace, light, sun, compassion.

Ama-No Uzume = Japanese fertility goddess, used for good crops.

Amatsu Mikaboshi = Japanese god of evil, darkness.

Amida-Nyorai = Japanese god of the paradise realm, the Japanese people turned to him at their moment of death.

Benten = Japanese-Buddhist river goddess derived from the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Goddess of music, eloquence, fortune, and wealth.

Benzautin = Japanese goddess of happiness and good luck. She is generous and kind, and is known for being sympathetic to men who are being chased by dragons, and helps them out. Queen of the sea. Provides protection from earthquakes; bringer of inspiration and talent, wealth and romance. Can also bring love. AKA Benzai.

Chimati no Kami = Japanese god of crossroads and footpaths; the positive creative force of life. A phallic deity.

Daikoku = Japanese god of wealth. His "lucky mallet" can bestow fortune with one stroke.

Dosojin = Japanese Shinto god who protected the roads and travelers, was invoked to ensure an abundant harvest. Symbolized by the phallus. Agriculture, sex, fertility.

Emma-Hoo = Japanese god of the underworld. Symbolizes destruction, death, and revenge.

Fugen Bosatsu = Japanese god of enlightening wisdom, intelligence, understanding, intuition, long life.

Hotei = Japanese god of happiness.

Huchi = Japanese goddess of fire, both of the hearth and of volcanic erruptions. Protectress of the home, cures illness. A mediator between man and gods.

Ichimokuren = Japanese one-eyed god invoked to produce rain during droughts.

Ida-Ten = Japanese guardian of the law. Symbolizes legal victory, justice.

Inari = Japanese god of rice, business, merchants, prosperity. Could also be a goddess, and shapeshifted into a fox when in the female form. As a god, foxes were his messenger.

Ishikori-Dome = Japanese smith goddess, created the first mirror which is said to be 8-sided and hidden. No one can see it, but many temples have a facsimile of it held important to them.

Izanagi = Japanese creator god, father god, man of men. Symbolizes magic.

Izanami = Japanese mother goddess, the female counterpart to Izanagi.

Jizo Bosatsu = Japanese protector of mankind, especially women in childbirth. Rescued souls from the depths of hell. Symbolizes children, comfort, safety, protection from illness and evil, counsel of the dead, and the deceased.

Kaya Nu Hima = Japanese herb goddess.

Kishi-Mojin = Japanese goddess who protected children. Universal mother. She symbolizes compassion, children, life, fertility, and balance.

Kono-hana-sakuya-hime = Japanese goddess of the cherry tree, makes the flowers bloom.

Nai No Kami = Japanese god of earthquakes.

Naru Kami = Japanese goddess of thunder, ruler of trees and the forest, patron of artisans.

Nitten = Japanese Buddhist sun goddess. Based on the Hindu god Surya.

No-no-kami = Japanese god of fields and plants.

Okitsu-Hiko = Japanese kitchen god.

O-Kuni-Nushi = Japanese earth god, associated with sorcery, cunning, self-realization, and medicine.

O-Ryu = Japanese goddess of the willow tree.

O-Wata-Tsumi = Japanese god of the sea and its creatures, the most important of many sea gods.

O-Yama-Tsu-Mi = First and most important of eight Japanese mountain gods. God of all mountains and volcanoes.

Rafu-Sen = Japanese goddess of plum blossoms.

Raiden = Japanese thunder god. He likes to devour navels so children must be dressed to cover their stomach.

Sakyamuni = Japanese name for Buddha.

Susanoo = Japanese thunder and storm god, mischief maker. Also associated with rain, bravery, trees, snakes, agriculture, and the seas.

Tamon = Japanese god of the north and luck.

Toyota Mahime = Japanese sea goddess.

Ukemachi = Japanese goddess who created the earth from her body.

Uso Dori = Japanese goddess of singing.

Yabune = Japanese house god.

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