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The High Priestess

Quote: Your eyes are the depth of forever.

(S) Coatlicue: Mexican
(W) Delphyne. Gaea: Greek; Jone of Arc: Dianic
(N) Banba: Celtic
(E) Isis: Egyptian; Kuan Yin: Asian; Saraswati: Vedic

Planet: Moon

Raven: Magick, Shapeshifting, Psychic Powers

Crystal: storyhouse of knewledge
Moon: Isis
White Pearl & Black Pearl: wisdom of positive & negative forces

Meaning: Hidden wisdom. Representing intuitive & subconscious qualities, The High Priestess has the power of insight. Pay attention to subconscious influences. There is alot happening beneath the surface and the whole picture can not be revealed at persent.

Reverse: Superficial. Lacking depth, the situation holds no secrets. Its time now to let go of outmoded behavior patterns.

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