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The Magican aka The Magus:

Quote: I am that and nothing more.

(S) Oya: Yuruba
(W) Athena, Hermes: Greek; Diana, Minerva: Roman
(N) Airmed: Celtic
(E) Bast: Egyptian

Planet: Mercury

Cats: Magick, Independence
Crow: Divine Law
Dove: Pease, Holy Spirit
Hummingbird: Bliss

Cosmic egg: promordial creation
Elements: earth, air, fire, water
Infinity: divine will
Tools: wand, cup, pentacle, sword

Meaning: Individuality. The Magician caltivates the ability to manifest thought. The trick here is to use the laws of manifestation wisely. Practice the art of appreciate desire, clearity of mind, heart, purpose and integrity will allow for wish fullfillment. As above, so below, astablished in Divinity, proform action.

Reverse: Ego attachment, greed. Excessive attachment to the fruits of action results in suffering and the pitfulls of fear and greed. Do not abuse power by manipulating words and actions to selvish ends.

~ ~