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The Empress

Quote: Infinate wholeness, your womb invelops my soul.

(S) Yemaya: African
(W) Eve: Indo-European; Kare: Greek; White Shell Woman: Navaho
(N) Armathr: Icelandic; Frigg: Scandinavian
(E) Lakshmi: Hindu

Planet: Venus

Butterfly: Transformation
Dove: Harmonious Abundance

Flowering Trees: Harvest
Heart Shield: Divine Feminine creation
Ocean Waves: Changes
Prismatic Rays: Expanding Matters
Spheres: Fertile Life
12-Spoked Crown: Abundant Riches

Meaning: Abundance, fertility, fruitfulness. The Empress promises growth, prosperity, abundant wealth, emotional stability and a happy home life. Your needs are filled with joy and satisifaction.

Reverse: Infertility, lack. Wasteful energies breeds lack of success which encourages depression, potentially effecting home and income.

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